Refund Policy


Refunds Policy for Positive Dog Training Classes

If you wish to cancel your dog training class there is a cancellation fee. You will be asked to acknowledge the Terms and Conditions on the booking form so please ensure you read these prior to booking so you are aware of the charges. In order to cancel you must provide us with seven days notice.

Refunds Policy for Retail Items Purchased at Dog Training Classes

You are entitled to a refund if any product is faulty. Please return the goods and we will either replace or refund.

You may return any item provided it is in its original condition and packaging.

If your dog chews or destroys goods they are not able to be returned or refunded. We may choose to send a product to a supplier if it appears faulty.

Refund Policy for Positive Dog Training Online Course

All your usual consumer rights apply when you purchase our training package online.