Private Dog Training

We offer private dog training in your own home or around your local area. The training sessions are tailored to your needs. Let us come to you. We work with families and can help everyone in the household build a strong relationship with the dog or puppy.

Fee Structure

Single Sessions – $150.00 per hour

Block of Four – $495.00

Four hours of training spread over a maximum of four sessions.

Private Training

Private training can cover:

  • Coming when called
  • Walking on lead
  • Sitting for visitors
  • Grooming & handling
  • Basics behaviours such as sit, drop & stay
  • Settling on mat
  • Dog to dog interaction
  • Tricks
  • Leaving objects
  • Environmental enrichment

New Puppy

A new puppy can be hard work but we can help make the transition easier by helping with:

  • Basic skills
  • Equipment
  • Socialisaiton
  • Biting or mouthing
  • Toilet training
  • Jumping
  • Chew toy training
  • Settling
  • Handling
  • Children and puppies

Session Structure

We understand time can be an issue so your sessions can be scheduled close together or further apart. Private training offers you flexibility.

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