Dog Training Classes

Training classes are suitable for dogs and puppies from 14 weeks of age. Puppies under 14 weeks and under are eligible to attend our Puppy Preschool held at Hills Veterinary Centre. Puppy preschool classes are held inside. Our dog training classes are held outdoors which gives your dog an excellent opportunity to learn in a distracting environment and practice in a real life setting. Dog classes provide great socialising experiences for your dog or puppy.

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There are multiple levels:

  • Puppy Preschool 5 week course – Standard $215.00 Upgrade $325.00
  • Basic Dog Manners 6 week course – Standard $335.00 Upgrade $445.00
  • Premium Adolescent Dog Training Class Package – $325.00
  • Canine Good Citizen™ Life Skills Course 3 week course flexible dates – $150.00


The Village Green Unley (corner of Oxford Tce and Rugby Tce Unley)

  • Basic Dog Manners
  • Premium Adolescent Dog Training Classes

Hills Veterinary Practice – Playcare Building (199 Main Rd Blackwood).

  • Puppy Preschool


Bookings can be made online click here to book. If you do not have access to a computer please contact us on 0418 886 698.

Puppy Preschool

  • Cost: $215.00/$325.00
  • Course Length: 5wks
  • Lesson Time: 50mins

When booking you will have the option to upgrade which includes a one hour private lesson in your own home $325. This allows us to discuss your pup’s specific needs or challenges.

Course Content:

  • Biting and chewing
  • Toilet training
  • Socialisation and sensitisation
  • Coming when called
  • Basic behaviours
  • What to do if your pup is scared
  • How to keep your pup safe when out and about
  • Handling skills
  • Confidence building activities

This class is suitable for puppies up to 14 weeks of age. The pup must be no older than 14 weeks on Week 1.


Basic Dog Manners

  • • Cost: $335.00 / $445.00
  • Course Length: 7wks
  • Lesson Time: 1hr per wk

When booking you will have the option to upgrade which includes a one hour private in your own home (the 6wk course plus the private lesson. This allows us to discuss your dog’s specific needs.

Course Content:

  • Responding to name
  • Sit
  • Drop
  • Stay
  • Move to hand
  • Coming when called
  • Settling on a mat
  • Sit for polite greeting
  • Walk calmly on a lead
  • Leave it
  • Give up items
  • Dog to dog interaction
  • Reading canine body language
  • Discovering how dogs learn
  • Equipment
  • Environmental enrichment
  • Games that teach your dog how to pay attention
  • How to prevent problem behaviours

This class is suitable for puppies over 13wks who have or have not completed puppy preschool, rescue dogs or dogs that need to learn skills or manners.

Premium Adolescent Group Dog Training Package

  • Cost: $340.00
  • Course Length: Four 1-hour group lessons
  • 20min private phone chat
  • Vouchers
  • Book – How to Love and Survive Your Teenage Dog by Barbara Hodel
  • Gift Pack

This premium dog training course is for adolescent (teenage) dogs between the ages of 7mths and 36mths, who have completed Basic Dog Manners with Positive Dog Training or an equivalent force free training organisation. The package includes four group lessons (max 6 dogs) with three instructors/assistants. The lessons include some scent work, some fun exercises, how to use creative ways to training, how to improve recalls, walking and more. Learn how to negotiate the challenges of living with an adolescent dog.

Canine Good Citizen™ Life Skills Course

  • Cost: $150.00
  • Course Length: Three lessons flexible date options
  • Lesson Time: 1hr per wk

The Canine Good Citizen™ Life Skills Course is a three week program with flexible date options. This course is designed to revise some basic skills as well as teach your dog to be calm and focused around other dogs and people. Choose from three of the nine date options. Each lesson is one hour in length. We provide the option of assessment for the Canine Good Citizen™ Award; an accredited national award from the Delta Institute.

Course Content:

  • Walking calmly past another dog
  • Behaving calmly around people
  • Coming when called
  • Waiting at gate/door
  • Car etiquette
  • Tolerance to separation
  • Street walking
  • Go to mat and settle
  • Leaving food on request
  • Standing for a health check
  • Reading dog body language
  • Revision of behaviours covered in Basic Dog Manners Level 1.

This class is suitable for anyone who has done Basic Dog Manners Level 1 or wishing to undertake or train for the Canine Good Citizen Award.

Click here for additional information on the Canine Good Citizen™ Award. 

What to Bring to Class

  • Your dog’s mat
  • Different levels of treats
  • Kong (stuffed) and/or chews
  • Pouch for your treats or a treat bag
  • Toy
  • Your dog on a collar, harness or head halter

We have a range of suitable equipment you can purchase at classes or online.