Behavourial Issues

Behavioural problems can cause challenges for dogs and humans. Behavioural issues are not fixed by undertaking dog training or obedience training classes; these issues require behaviour modification along with environmental management and in some cases a referral to your Veterinarian.

Behavioural issues are best treated sooner rather than later. As a dog matures these issues left untreated often become worse. Dogs become better at behaviours they practice including the unwanted ones so early intervention is important. Contact us to book an appointment or obtain more information.


Single Behavioural Consultation – $375.00

Behavioural Block – $595.00

Behaviour Problems

  • Lunging at dogs
  • Barking excessively
  • Separation issues
  • House soiling
  • Excessive digging
  • Inter-dog aggression
  • Food aggression
  • Guarding food, objects, space or people
  • Fearful of dogs or people
  • Fearful of objects or places
  • Repetitive behaviours such as pacing and spinning
  • Hyper arousal
  • Excessive jumping


Initial Consultation

Venue: Your own home

Duration: 2-2.5hrs

Fee: $375.00

  • Taking a full history
  • A full written report
  • Behavioural folder
  • Discussing why your dog is behaving this way
  • Short term strategies
  • Long term behaviour modification
  • Environmental management
  • Report for your vet if required

Behaviour Block

Venue: Your own home and outside as required

Duration: Initial consultation plus two 1hr follow up visits.

Fee: $595.00

Referral – if required we may recommend a referral to a qualified Veterinary Behaviourist.